TPS/Lean is a cohesive, integrated production/business system developed and perfected by Toyota consisting of a mind-set, business system, a set of beliefs, and several tools/techniques that are synonymous with Just-In-Time (JIT).  The foundation of TPS/Lean is reducing the 7 types of waste from processes (waiting, overproduction, rework, etc.).  TPS/Lean has a positive effect upon a P&L and balance sheet by improving costs, quality, delivery and safety in addition to improving the whole business as a system along with the engagement/involvement of the workforce.  TPS/Lean has 30+ tools, some of which are "foundational" such as Standard Work, 5S, and OEE.


  • Mini: 1-3 days providing a qualitative assessment of impact
  • Full: ~1 week providing high-level description of financial impact
  • Deep-dive:  2-4 weeks providing detailed description of financial impact along with implementation plan

Support Implementation
Clapham Consulting collaboratively works with clients to determine the specific approach, typically comprised of a diagnostic and followed by implementation support/coaching:

  • Kaizens:  Conduct focused improvement effort typically 3-5 days in duration
  • Project:  Manage the overall improvement of an end-to-end value stream/site/division/organization as a full-time consultant/team or as a part-time advisor
  • Ongoing support:  Provide ongoing coaching/training/improvement support focused on problem solving and determining key levers to drive improvement